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The name photonamic consists of “photo” (light) as well as “dynamic”, which represents our field of expertise at photonamic GmbH. photonamic makes use of these dynamic effect of light and uses a special molecule, which is taken up by cells or tissue in the body and metabolized to a photosensitizer.

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Depending on the wavelength of the light source, this photosensitizer is capable of showing different effects as a result of light exposure. The use of light in combination with photosensitizers is a well-known principle, where a great deal of research has been conducted over several decades in this field.
photonamic’s goal was and remains to further develop various applications for this specific approach of photosensitization. Quite different from other activities in photosensitization, our molecule is a precursor of the actual photosensitizer, whereby metabolic activity of the target cell or tissue is activated and generated by light, resulting in photodynamic capabilities. As result, there are various fascinating applications in both diagnosis and therapy, which is the very core of photonamic’s activities.

There is tremendous potential to further develop these photodynamic applications in combination with various technologies. To further explore these future perspectives, photonamic is engaged in a variety of collaborations and projects with partner companies, academic institutions, clinical organisations as well as device specialists for light sources, sensors and camera systems.